As my wedding season ended, I got the chance to scroll through my wedding galleries and I can’t help but notice that I have plenty of behind the scene photos in action c/o my second photographers. Until now, I still get the question, “Did you take that picture?” or ” That is pretty, you sure you did that?” Well, here are the proofs!

         I’m not only a photographer on a wedding day, I’m also a cheerleader, a coordinator, a stylist, a runner, a mentor, and most of all, a best friend that my Joffoto couples can count on.

         Feast your eyes friends as some of these photos have not been shown or shared anywhere else. I haven’t shared much of my behind the scene photos because I wanted to show or focus on my couples’ photos and the very important scenes of their wedding day. But as I’m typing this blog post, now I’m realizing it’s best for my previous, current and future JOFFOTO couples to see who I am on their wedding day, how I work and what type of photos and service I provide.