Today was a very special day! We got to see our baby boy #2 in HD 4D Live! We went to the same facility, Infant See HD in Fairfax, where we saw our baby Alex seven years ago! Yes! It’s been that long but it feels like it was just yesterday! Oh and we saw Maria again – the very sweet owner and the same lady who helped us with Alex the first time around. How time flies! Anyway, our baby boy was asleep the whole 15 or so minutes because he was up all night! That’s right, he kept  mommy up the whole night until 5 am stretching, kicking and doing everything a little baby does in his mommy’s belly. [smile]

         Another reason why today is extra special is because we are revealing his name to everyone! Just like Alex, he will have 2 names, too! His first name is from the animated movie Guardians of Ga’Hoole, it is also a form of ‘Thor’ – Riza’s favorite Marvel superhero, ‘Thorin’ from The Hobbit – one of our favorite books and movies, and ‘Thoren’ – an old character from GOT which I love to watch!  His second name is part of the French philosopher’s full name where my name ‘Jouffroy’ was taken from . Can you make a guess before scrolling down?

         Now that you know his cool name (well, Riza and I think it’s pretty cool!), he won’t get away without a nickname! We will call him Theo.

         Our two boys will now be called Alex & Theo. It sounds like a brand name already we’ve been told! We are very excited to raise them the best way we can. We can’t wait to see our baby Theo in less than 3 months! Yay! [smile]

4D ultrasound facility | Infant See HD

Letter board | Letterboards By Navy A