You are my all-in-one package: my wife, best friend, lover, soulmate and my partner in crime for literally everything! Let’s celebrate this bond and your birthday together. Happy Birthday, my love!

There are countless of reasons why I love you. These are my favorites:

Your smile and fashion style! Without you, Alex and I would not be dressed so good! Thank you!

Your tender loving care for our Alex. He is well loved and taken care of.

Your unconditional love. You are my comforter and my backbone.

         Your love of art and calligraphy. Four months ago, you held your calligraphy pen and never put it down! Your determination to be better everyday shows truly on your work! I’m so proud of you, Mommy In Pink, more than you know!

My wife is my:

best friend and #1 fan.
my personal nurse.
Starbucks buddy.
travel buddy.
shopping buddy.
grammar teacher.
My wife is:
a country music fan.
a huge Beatles fan.
Happy 30th Birthday, my love.