JOFFOTO is back on the blog!!!

JOFFOTO is back on the blog!!!

December 2, 2017 was my last blog. I know, I know… it’s been more than a year. But hey! it’s for many great reasons! New baby arrived, became an in-house-photog at Raspberry Plain Manor, wedding bookings got doubled, more partnerships, added a few celebrity clients on the list and ended up at Fox 5 DC for the second time! I only have one word to sum these all up! #BLESSED

If you are following me on Social Media i.e. INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK, you know our Theo is now 16 months old. Yes he’s already running, climbing and mumbling! He may start talking soon! Now that I broke the silence here, I will do my best to blog more often. I will try. I’m only human, just like you, I get tired, too. #excusesexcuses #justlikeafather


JOFFOTO Behind The Scene

JOFFOTO Behind The Scene

         As my wedding season ended, I got the chance to scroll through my wedding galleries and I can’t help but notice that I have plenty of behind the scene photos in action c/o my second photographers. Until now, I still get the question, “Did you take that picture?” or ” That is pretty, you sure you did that?” Well, here are the proofs!

         I’m not only a photographer on a wedding day, I’m also a cheerleader, a coordinator, a stylist, a runner, a mentor, and most of all, a best friend that my Joffoto couples can count on.

         Feast your eyes friends as some of these photos have not been shown or shared anywhere else. I haven’t shared much of my behind the scene photos because I wanted to show or focus on my couples’ photos and the very important scenes of their wedding day. But as I’m typing this blog post, now I’m realizing it’s best for my previous, current and future JOFFOTO couples to see who I am on their wedding day, how I work and what type of photos and service I provide.

A Raspberry Plain Manor Wedding

A Raspberry Plain Manor Wedding

          “Thank you so very much for your reply. I’ve literally been checking my email constantly with all of my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that you would be available for us. THANK YOU! I am so thrilled!!!… Your work is absolutely breathtaking and it indeed portrays my envisionment of romance and elegance. Please let me know what are the next steps from here. Can’t wait to work with you!” This was January 8th, 2017; the day when My sent me an inquiry. I responded on the same day and she booked right away! The rest is history.

          I knew from the beginning that My was going to be a dream JOFFOTO bride. From her smile-worthy initial email inquiry, perfectly coordinated engagement session, up to the day of her wedding, she was a pleasure to work with! Though it took me a while to blog her wedding, because it was so hard for me to pick my favorite photos to showcase the beauty of it all, I think every second of the wait is definitely WORTH IT!

          My and Rodney became my instant friends! I felt very comfortable with them! It’s as if I’ve known them for a very long time! And that was validated after our first meeting! We had a lunch date and talked about their engagement and wedding planning. My’s dream was to have her engagement photos during the cherry blossoms season in D.C. And you guessed it right! We made it happen! It was around peek season when we headed to the Tidal Basin and took their photos! My looked gorgeous and Rodney looked dapper himself! It was dreamy and beautiful. And.. it got published in one of my favorite online wedding blogs! I’m sharing all of this to you because I feel it is important to share their whole experience. Through their engagement session, they managed to get very comfortable in front of my camera and practiced posing for their wedding day.

          On the day of their wedding, My’s bridal details were ultimate perfection! My knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted romance and elegance. From her personalized blush colored The Mrs. Box, lovely invite suites, and stunning Badgely Mischka wedding shoes! I can just go on and on. [smile]

          In Raspberry Plain Manor’s secret garden, Rodney was waiting patiently to see his dream become a reality. He was waiting to see My in her breathtaking, very elegant wedding dress, with a long and delicate veil flowing from her back.

          The long awaited moment finally came. My came down from the mansion to the secret garden to meet Rodney. It was pretty windy on their wedding day but that didn’t stop My from wearing her veil! And she looked stunning! Slowly walking down the steps towards Rodney, My filled the air with warmth, happiness and love. As soon as she reached Rodney, he turned around and oh man that smile I witnessed on his face was priceless! It was one of those moments that will be remembered forever.

Ceremony & Reception Location | RASPBERRY PLAIN MANOR

Photography | JOFFOTO


Hair and Makeup | BEAUTY BY AUBREY




Officiant | MARK MCNABB





Ring Box  | THE MRS. BOX

Invitation Suite  | MINTED

My and Rodney’s Engagement Session | CLICK HERE 

As Seen On Inspired By This Blog | CLICK HERE 



A Lincoln Memorial Proposal at Night

A Lincoln Memorial Proposal at Night

After months of planning, the special night came when my friend Troy finally proposed to the woman of his dreams, Setareh, at the Lincoln Memorial!

On October 20th, 2017, Troy took Setareh out to a lovely dinner at Takoda Restaurant and Beer Garden in DC. Both agreed they had a great time! Before heading home, Troy asked Setareh to stop by the Lincoln Memorial to enjoy the serene and romantic night view of the perfectly aligned Washington Monument, The Capitol and the Reflecting Pool. That chilly evening, while casually watching the best view in DC, Troy went down on one knee and asked Setareh to marry him! SHE SAID YES!

Months of planning was well worth it! I tell you, it was one of the best moments I’ve ever documented – true love and a true classic DC proposal!

Dinner Venue | TAKODA DC




A Sunset Engagement at Meadowlark Gardens

A Sunset Engagement at Meadowlark Gardens

         Lani and Zach met on the very first day of freshman year at JMU! They were both members of the JMU Marching Royal Dukes and had moved into their dorm rooms early. Since they were the first two people on the floor, they became friends almost immediately. Lani and Zach have been dating since November of 2010.

         Lani shared that Zach has always been a big fan of surprising her with scavenger hunts, though they’d always ended in cake or presents, not an engagement ring. So, while Lani was away on a media trip, Zach created a scavenger hunt out of his favorite pictures of them throughout the years. The final clue was a Ferrero Rocher (Lani’s favorite chocolate) hidden in a ring box with the note: “turn around, please.” When she did, Zach was waiting on one knee with the ring and popped the question! How cute is their engagement?! This is definitely one of the sweetest proposal stories I have heard!

         In May of 2018, Lani and Zach are tying the knot at their favorite vacation spot! Both have always dreamed of saying their vows on a beach, so what better way to make that dream come true than get married in Costa Rica! As Lani described it: “there are no better beaches than the ones in Costa Rica where tropical cocktails and pipas frias abound!”

         And guess what? I will be flying down to Costa Rica with them! I am beyond excited! It is such an honor and privilege to get document their dream wedding on the beach! [smile] [extra smiles]



Engagement Session was published on | DC REFINED



An Oatlands Plantation Wedding

An Oatlands Plantation Wedding

         It was September 09, 1950 when Kristin’s grandmother said “I do” to the love of her life. Sixty-seven years later, it was Kristin’s turn. She said the exact same words to her forever. Kristin even wore her grandma’s wedding band during her wedding. It was truly memorable.

         Kristin and Josh got married on September 9th, 2017 at the beautiful Historic Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, VA. Their special day started with their first look. I could go on and write a whole lot about how emotional it was, but I will just provide a few details about it. Kristin and Josh were very excited about their first look. They have been anticipating  it. Leading to that moment, Josh was patiently waiting while Kristin was just a few steps away behind him. I definitely felt the aura and excitement from the two. Just a step behind, Kristin tapped Josh’s shoulder and with no time wasted, Josh turned around and his world enlightened. His future wife in her gorgeous wedding dress, with a lightly pinned veil, stood before him. Oh man, he was the happiest man with that smile. They looked at each other, looked some more, then came the happy tears, and then Josh went around to check out Kristin’s dress before they gave each other a kiss. Okay, it was more than one kiss. Their first look was beautiful and mesmerizing. After a couple of minutes of personal space, Kristin and Josh were ready for their couple portraits.

         Kristin and Josh picked the best venue to incorporate their rustic theme for their wedding! From the long barn tables decorated with greeneries, mason jars and a few hints of flowers, they achieved the look they wanted for their wedding. What made their tablescape extra special, were the Farmers Creamery mason jars that her mom collected. These mason jars are special to their family because Kristin’s grandmother used to work for Farmers Creamery back in the day. It was one of Kristin’s special request to photograph and I made sure I took plenty!


Getting Ready Location | LANSDOWNE RESORT AND SPA

Ceremony & Reception Location | OATLANDS PLANTATION

Photography | JOFFOTO

Coordinator | CAMERON FELLER





Officiant | TODD GASTON







Kristin and Josh’s Engagement Session | CLICK HERE 




A Morais Vineyards Wedding

A Morais Vineyards Wedding

         T & R’s wedding was a very memorable one; it was full of love and all kinds of joyful sentiments. As a wedding photographer, I get to see firsthand the raw emotions from the bride, groom and their families and friends.

         The day started off easy as usual. T handed me all her wedding details to photograph while her sister, the only bridesmaid, started to get ready. Before they finished, I jumped right in and captured some fun sisters photos. After that, T went in to another room where her dad was waiting patiently to see his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress. I can’t imagine how he felt when he saw her walked in, but with the look I saw in his eyes, it was priceless.

         In the limousine, T and her dad were sitting in the back, T was a little nervous and worried about how the day would flow but her dad was there and assured her that everything will be alright and her sister backed him up.

         As soon as we arrived at the church, the ceremony began. T walked down the aisle slowly with her arm wrapped around her dad’s. And on the other end of the aisle was the man of her dreams waiting excitedly with tears in his eyes. When T and her dad reached the last pew of the aisle, R approached them with a firmed hand shake to T’s dad assuring that he will take good care of his daughter. It was a beautiful moment to watch. In the middle of the ceremony,  T & R got crowned by the priest, they looked like a King and Queen. Right after the crowning, the guests cheered very loudly and made distinctive sounds. It was amazing.

         After the ceremony, T & R rode their limo to their reception at Morais Vineyards. The venue was dreamy. It was the perfect place for the perfect couple. Before they mingled with their guests, I got to spend some time with them for their newly wed portraits. We picked the vineyard as the first location of course. It was one of my favorite moments because  T & R got to enjoy themselves alone.

         After the first location, we had to move to another one of which we planned ahead. To do so, we had to pass by the guests at their cocktail hour. T & R were hesitant but we had to do it. I advised them both to not to look at their guests when we passed by and assured them that I’ll distract everyone. As they all waived to the newly weds, I was the one who waived back and thanked everyone for being so kind to me. It was hilarious.  T &R had fun! You know what happens when the couple are extremely happy? Perfect portraits of course! It was a win-win for all of us.

         As soon as their newly wed portraits were done, T &R got introduced to their guests with a lively Middle Eastern song in the background. T & R danced their hearts away! They were natural and they can dance! As soon as the song ended, the DJ continued playing to their first dance, it was magical. And then the DJ opened up the dance floor for everyone to enjoy. T & R’s wedding ended on the dance floor surrounded by their closed family and friends. It was a night that they will truly remember.




Wedding  Planning and Design | A BEYOUTIFUL FÊTE EVENTS & DESIGN

Photography | JOFFOTO









DC sunrise lovin’

DC sunrise lovin’

         First light at the Lincoln Memorial is always magical. Add a lovely couple for an engagement session? A dream! Daryus and Vanessa were so much fun to work with! They were so comfortable in front of the camera and their photos turned out stunning!

         So here’s a little sweet story how Daryus proposed! The day before last year’s Thanksgiving, and it happened to be Daryus’s sister’s birthday; he invited Vanessa and her family for a dinner at Reston Town Center! While surrounded by their loved ones, Daryus went down on one knee and asked the woman of his dreams to become his forever. Of course Vanessa said yes! [smile]

As seen on | DC REFINED

Engagement venue| LINCOLN MEMORIAL, DC


Engagement ring| ELITE JEWELERS



Another mini Jof!

Another mini Jof!

         Today was a very special day! We got to see our baby boy #2 in HD 4D Live! We went to the same facility, Infant See HD in Fairfax, where we saw our baby Alex seven years ago! Yes! It’s been that long but it feels like it was just yesterday! Oh and we saw Maria again – the very sweet owner and the same lady who helped us with Alex the first time around. How time flies! Anyway, our baby boy was asleep the whole 15 or so minutes because he was up all night! That’s right, he kept  mommy up the whole night until 5 am stretching, kicking and doing everything a little baby does in his mommy’s belly. [smile]

         Another reason why today is extra special is because we are revealing his name to everyone! Just like Alex, he will have 2 names, too! His first name is from the animated movie Guardians of Ga’Hoole, it is also a form of ‘Thor’ – Riza’s favorite Marvel superhero, ‘Thorin’ from The Hobbit – one of our favorite books and movies, and ‘Thoren’ – an old character from GOT which I love to watch!  His second name is part of the French philosopher’s full name where my name ‘Jouffroy’ was taken from . Can you make a guess before scrolling down?

         Now that you know his cool name (well, Riza and I think it’s pretty cool!), he won’t get away without a nickname! We will call him Theo.

         Our two boys will now be called Alex & Theo. It sounds like a brand name already we’ve been told! We are very excited to raise them the best way we can. We can’t wait to see our baby Theo in less than 3 months! Yay! [smile]

4D ultrasound facility | Infant See HD

Letter board | Letterboards By Navy A

Christine + Oscar’s Garden Engagement

Christine + Oscar’s Garden Engagement

         Christine and Oscar went to the same college but actually never met. In 2010, they became roommates through a common friend and because they shared a lot of common interests, they instantly became good friends and eventually started dating. A couple of their shared interests are: architecture and cats! In fact, they are both architects and they have a fluffy cat named Margaux! [smile]

         Last year around Christmas time, after watching one of their favorite comedians, Louis C.K., Oscar proposed to Christine and she said yes! Take a second look at her gorgeous engagement ring below!

         Christine and Oscar will be tying the knot in November at Rust Manor House in Leesburg VA and I can’t wait to document their wedding day! Yay!